Water Stories, The Fitters Workshop, Kingston, Canberra

Alexander Boynes featuring PRAXIS

Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th November 2016

As part of the inaugural Contour 556 Festival, Water Stories is a large-scale video installation work based upon the theme of water, and it’s significance to Australian culture and history. Water Stories has been produced collaboratively with dancers and musicians involved in Arnhembrand, an art, science and stories project that promotes the objectives of healthy country and communities in the Djelk Indigenous Protected Area, Arnhemland, Northern Territory. The second collaboration is PRAXIS; a multi-disciplinary art collective Alexander Boynes established with dancer / choreographer Laura Boynes, and cellist / composer Tristen Parr in 2013, who premiered their first major work Dark Matter at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in September 2016.

Water Stories 2016, Alexander Boynes feat. PRAXIS

Flying Fish Story 2016, Dual HD video, 4’06’’ duration, stereo sound

Performance: Daniel Bonson, Marcus Pascoe
Sound: Daniel Bonson, Marcus Pascoe

Body of Water 2016, Dual HD video, 3’45’’ duration, stereo sound

Choreography: Laura Boynes
Performance: Storm Helmore
Sound: Tristen Parr

Djanggawul Sisters (Creation Story) 2016, Dual HD video, 2’30’’ duration, stereo sound

Performance: Jemima Pascoe, Renee Pascoe, Proji Pascoe, Lexi Bonson
Sound: Jimmy Pascoe, Marcus Pascoe

Crosscurrent 2016, Dual HD video, 4’04’’ duration, stereo sound

Performance: Laura Boynes
Sound: Tristen Parr