The Weight of Shadows, Photospace, ANU School of Art + Design, Canberra

7th - 16th September 2012

This work is the outcome of a recent trip out into the Tanami desert, where Boynesspent time at Paruku, an Indigenous Protected Area (also known as Lake Gregory) and Mulan, the local community of around 120 people. Paruku is a truly unique place, a massive lake system surrounded by desert, in the southeast Kimberley region of Western Australia. The lake was once connected to the sea, flowing out near what is now Broome, and has been home to the Walmajarri people for many thousands of years.

The Weight of Shadows is an exhibition of works concerned with the ongoing strength and significance of the figure in our visual culture, reflecting how we see ourselves and our perceptions of this country’s shared past. Boynes’ works reveal immediate glimpses into the present-day human condition and imagination, and attempt to address contemporary youth culture and its fears, challenges and the hope for a positive future for Australia.